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In the autumn of 2016, EURO 4 standard will apply to all bikes over 125cc. This means they will be built with front and rear disc brake and ABS!!!
This is likely to mean an increase in prices although nobody presently knows!
Once the existing UK stock is sold, THERE WILL BE NO MORE of the present standard bikes, so please don’t delay if the present standard is adequate for you!!


 Click Here for further news from Frank Jones and his Continental 535 - NOW ON THE TRACK!! 

Buying a Royal Enfield in India and riding it home to the UK.
 Don't be tempted!!
At the end of the recent and excellent Channel 4 documentary ‘Our Guy in India’, our hero Guy Martin, in praising the RE Bullet 500, said he was quite taken with the idea of riding the bike ‘’home to Grimsby’’. 
Admirable though this thought is, it has not been feasible to do this for some time because, although it can be done, ie buying the RE cheaply and riding it to the UK, the DVLA will NOT register an India sourced machine for use on the road in the UK........................ 
The reason for this is that all machines legitimately imported have to be CE Compliant or ‘Homologated’’ for use in Europe. Regrettably the Indian market product is not compliant and although you could spend time and money going through the SVA process (single vehicle authorisation) by the time you get to DVLA they will still want a Manufacturer Certificate of Homologation. 
The Chennai Factory will NOT issue this to you no matter how you ask them! 
Therefore the value of your machine after import duty, VAT, SVA testing etc. will be as SCRAP!! 
Don’t say you haven’t been warned!! 


We sometimes need to leave the workshop during our normal opening hours.
To avoid a wasted journey please telephone us on 01939 233003 before setting out.
If there is no answer on that number,
 urgent queries can be made to
07940 382483 during business hours only please.

Please note that we have changed our telephone supplier.
Our btconnect email address has been replaced by..


September 2013
Introducing the all-new....... Royal Enfield Continental GT (535cc) 
We have one of these on display in our showroom and you are welcome to come and see it! 
Royal Enfield Continental GT 
Click Here for more details. 
Our EFI Fury and EFI Clubman have now been sold. 

May 2013
At last we are able to confirm that Royal Enfield have appointed a new distributor for the UK and the new pricing is shown on our New Machines Price List page!!

GOOD NEWS on two aspects!

The pricing of all new models has reduced!
This is especially good in the case of the Electra EFI De Luxe which is back at £400 less!

Also, we can now offer Royal Enfield Finance which is available over periods from 24 to 60 months and deposits of only £99.00 ON ALL MODELS!

As ever, we have a good showroom display and all models are available to order, so do come and see us and we will do our best to give you a committed and straightforward service!

Regards, Steve Smith & ‘Capt.’ Johnnie Brown   
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