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A Message from Rob and Jackie (Directors of The Stolen Bike Sentinel)

Every year, tens of thousands of motorcycles, trikes and scooters are stolen in the UK.
……most are never recovered.

We need your help to fight back !

The Stolen Bike Sentinel (SBS) is a new venture, set up by experienced bikers for all riders of two and three wheeled machines across the UK.
Our aim is to reduce the number of un-recovered machines across the UK by bringing together all sections of the riding community, to share information and act as lookouts, or 'Sentinels', in the hunt for stolen machines and parts.

In other words, we help to connect the victim of the theft with countless allies, who will help them in the hunt for their machine and those who took it.

We can’t do it alone, so we’re looking to our friends, old and new across the country to help us beat the bike thieves, through sheer force of numbers!
We need to send out a collective message to the would-be thieves……….

'Not On Our Watch’ !

As a valued member of the UK riding community, we ask you to help us to achieve our common goals by:

1) Becoming an SBS website member - by joining, we can effectively send you regular updates regarding stolen machines for you to forward on to your fellow riders, members, supporters or customers etc.
(Website membership is
 completely free – it’s your support we want, not your money, after all !).
We hate spam, so won't bombard you with unrelated drivel..........we'll stay on message at all times.

2) Encouraging your members/customers and others to register their machine details on our website (www.stolenbikesentinel.com), in order that we may establish the machinery database and quickly inform all our contacts, should the worst happen in the future.
NB. We don’t ask for any personal
 information, just a name/username and general location (Registration costs a couple of quid and lasts as long as they own the machine).

We are passionate about our aims and are convinced that together, we can bring about real change, for the good of all riders. We understand that for most, their machine is more than just a mode of transport and we know and appreciate the unwritten bond that all riders share in supporting each other wherever we can. A quarter of all riders who have their machine stolen don’t buy another, which is great loss to UK Motorcycling and Scootering and gives even more reason to take the fight to the thieves.

Most stolen machines are taken by thieves from other areas. They know that riders in the local area will be aware of a theft, but that the ‘grapevine’ has limited range, allowing them to easily sell-on stolen machines and parts in their area.
SBS aims to become the UK ‘hub’, through which we can work
 together to overcome this.

Please check out our website for more information. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always keen to take on board new ideas, wherever practicable and value your support.

We hope you will appreciate the validity and sincerity with which we seek your help.

Nobody likes a bike thief and it’s time to make a change.

Best regards.

Rob and Jackie (Directors)
The Stolen Bike Sentinel